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Written by Nick 19 November 2009

Welcome to Zandberg's online wine experience. Zandberg aims to allow our visitors to monitor a grape all the way from the vineyard into the bottle. Each step offers an educational glimpse into this process of a real winery.

The Vineline above choreographs the main steps of this process as they are happening in real life in Zandberg's actual vineyard and later in the cellar.

These steps are narrated by Francais Hannekom, Zandberg's Viticulturist, Piet Bredell, Zandberg's Winemaker and Nicholas Ridley the Winery Marketing Manager.

These short films are minimally edited and filmed without expensive equipment to offer the most authentic view possible.

The winelands restaurant, 96 Winery Road.

One of the finest restaurants in the area, 96 Winery Road will delight every sense in their South African menu with flavours from around the world.

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