Zandberg Vineyard


Introduction to Zandberg Vineyard

Written by Nick 19 November 2009

We're in the Stellenbosch Winelands where you can see the Helderberg Mountains behind us, False Bay is about 7 kilometers in a South Westerly direction, Stellenbosch you will find in a Northerly direction and Secretareskop in a Westerly direction which is later followed by Table Mountain.

This film will give you a window into a group of very passionate people who have come together to succeed in a challenging industry. Just through our passion there are various things that we'd like to change in the vineyards and most luckily of all is our terrier itself.

Zandberg gets lovely fresh sea breazes at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon which then cools our vineyards allowing for a much slower complex development of the fruit with the grapes on the vines. This enables us to harvest at a much later period.

Our team consists of Francais Hannekom, who leads our viticultural team, Wayne Reich which is the farm supervisor and assist Francais and his team, Jeroen Messink and Terry Berends - also known as "the camera man" both third and final year student from the Netherlands which is assisting us in the brand building of our wines.

We would like to invite you to join us on our journey in bringing Zandberg's vineyards and the quality of the wine and the brand itself to where it should be.

The winelands restaurant, 96 Winery Road.

One of the finest restaurants in the area, 96 Winery Road will delight every sense in their South African menu with flavours from around the world.

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